Product Guide

Share Data

The FieldKit platform is a hub for environmentally conscious people around the planet.

You can share what you’ve discovered with your stations, get help with analysis, and compare your data with those close-by and far away.

Each visualization can be shared as a link which takes you to the interactive visualization. We also make it easy to download your data, so you can use it in your research or send it to colleagues and collaborators.

We hope you will eventually be able to benefit from the functionality below, but not all of these features are in place yet within the FieldKit web portal. We are working on richer share and export functionality.


1. Share Data between Teammates and Other Collaborators

Raw data from sensors can be shared from the station page securely via the DAT protocol. Data can also be shared via ‘data views,’ offering data points or ranges for easy sharing on social media or via a URL.


2. Export Data

Data from any visualization can be exported in the following formats:

  • CSV
  • JSON Lines
  • raw (coming soon)
  • GeoJSON (coming soon)
  • PDF data report (coming soon)
  • R, D3, Jupyter Notebook projects with working code examples (coming soon)

3. Social Share

Share a link to a view of your data on your social media.