Product Guide

App Interface

Configure your FieldKit Station using the app.

Navigation Bar

Explore the app to view your stations, sync data and update settings:

  • Stations
    Manage all your stations.
  • Data
    Download data from the station and upload data to the portal.
  • Settings
    Configure global app settings.

Station Detail


We believe that documentation is important. So while early versions of FieldKit will automatically start recording data, we’re working on new functionality to encourage users to realize the benefits of deploying in order to start recording data. That’s how this Product Guide is written.

  • WiFi Connection Status
    With a station-to-phone connection, you can view real-time readings and sync data to your phone.
  • Battery and Memory Status
    Monitor battery life and memory for optimum station performance. Readings displayed here are from when you last connected.
  • Deployed / Recording Timer
    When the timer is counting, your station is deployed and recording data.
  • Deploy Button
    To start recording data, head to your deployment location and hit “Deploy.” You’ll add helpful notes and pictures to document the process.
  • Modules
    When you’re near your station and connected, you can view real-time readings for each sensor on that module.

App Interface_Ready to Deploy