Product Guide

Review Data

Once your station is installed and your data is synced to both your FieldKit app and the FieldKit web portal, you can easily interact with your data.

Our visualization interface allows you to spot patterns, trends, and anomalies, and to flag and share them for collaborators and the FieldKit community. The best experience for reviewing data is on a desktop.

The FieldKit web portal is a place that we hope you’ll eventually be able to benefit from the functionality below, but not all of these features are in place yet. We are working on bringing in data verification and controls.


1. Make Comparisons with Data

Data visualizations allow comparison between time periods on one sensor or between different sensors in the same time period.


2. Comment on Data

Annotation features allow you to flag and share interesting data amongst your team or with the broader FieldKit community.

Verify Data

3. Verify Data

Verify the quality of data by checking the FieldKit metadata. This includes:

  • Provenance information
  • Verified calibration specs
  • Links to details of station installation
double check station

4. Control the Fate of your Data

The data lifespan is not tied to the lifespan of your FieldKit project.

  • Backup data to your own device
  • Control permissions on who can access the data
  • Establish peer to peer networks to share your data securely