FieldKit is Open Environmental Sensing for Everyone

Friendly, reliable, low-cost tools to monitor and advocate for the world around you.

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FieldKit in the great outdoors
  • Research Grade Hardware

    FieldKit stations are equipped with best-in-class sensors to collect data with precision and accuracy. Whether you’re working on a research paper or a class project, FieldKit lets you get the data you need.

  • Collect, Analyze, Store and Share

    Use the FieldKit platform to see data from your stations, explore patterns over time, and share what you’ve found with the world. We’ve made it easy to export FieldKit data to a number of popular formats and applications.

  • A Community of Environmental Care

    FieldKit brings scientists together with students and teachers, activists and community groups to share experiences, help each other, and discuss the environment through the lens of data.

  • Open and Extensible

    We’ve built FieldKit from the ground up to grow: stations are designed with modular sensors that can be added or removed. Because every part of our project is open source, new FieldKit-compatible sensor modules can be designed by anyone!

  • Ethical and Responsible

    With FieldKit, your data is your data. We will never share or sell any of your information. Our stations are built with environmentally responsible manufacturing methods, and you can always send FieldKit hardware back to us (for free!) to be recycled and re-used. We encourage all of our users to prioritize safe and careful interactions with the natural world and with people and communities.

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    How it Works

Find out how FieldKit is being used right now

We’re working with teams of conservationists, students, and activists around the world to put FieldKit to work.

Recently we spent a week in Cameroon’s Dja Faunal Reserve. We climbed some of the Congo’s tallest trees to install low power, high range radio gateways. When finished, this radio system will let researchers track animals, measure microclimates, record bird calls and monitor camera tracks– all at low cost.

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Jacob Lewallen, Obam Mael, Magwadom Dieudonné and Aziem Jean at Bouamir Camp

How it Works

A step-by-step guide for setting up and deploying your FieldKit station.

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Open Sensor Library

Over the last five years, we’ve learned a lot about sensors. Temperature sensors, pH sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, air quality sensors - there’s a lot to learn! We built the Open Sensor Library as a way to share our findings with the community, and as an open-to-everyone resource to discuss the pros, cons, and peculiarities of sensor hardware.

Coming Soon.