Product Guide


You are in charge of your own safety, so do your research and plan ahead, but here are some suggestions to help guide you.

Feel free to ask questions or share concerns via the FieldKit Community forum; both other community members and our team will be happy to share our experiences and advice from our years in the field.

Station Safety

Power Lines

Avoid Power Lines

Avoid deploying your FieldKit near power lines or other utilities.


FieldKit Testing Water

Cable Plate Facing Down

Avoid installing your FieldKit with the cable plate facing any direction other than down to avoid water intrusion.


FieldKit Clasp

Secure FieldKit Clasps

Make certain to firmly close the clasps of your case after working on the internal components of the FieldKit.


MicroSD Adapter

Invest in MicroSD Adapter

You may want to invest in a microSD-to-SD adapter cable to make servicing your microSD card easier, and to make it easier to see the card if you drop it.


Battery Polarity

Check Battery Connection

Check any batteries to make certain that the connector is correctly polarized: red is (+) and black is (-).

tree mounting

Securely Mount Station

If deploying your FieldKit in a tree, on a post, or anywhere more than two meters above the ground, make certain that your attachment points are secure.


Protect Sensor Cables

Make certain to use some sort of protection (like cable loom tubing, cable armor, or a grease-and-cayenne-pepper combination) on your sensor cables so that they won’t be chewed on by animals.

Check out our Care Instructions for more details.

Personal Safety

Wear a Helmet

Wear a Helmet

If deploying your FieldKit above head level, please wear a helmet.


Check Voltage Exposure

If running power to your FieldKit outside, make certain the low voltage DC part of the power run is the one exposed to the elements, not the wall power (high voltage AC) side.

Voltage Exposure

Access Issues

Get Permission to Deploy

Always get permission to deploy your FieldKit in any particular environment.

Battery Pack

Protect Battery Pack

Do not short or puncture the battery pack.

Travel Together

Don't Travel Alone

Tell someone where you’re going, especially if it’s going to be remote.

Prepare to Travel

Prepare for the Terrain

Respect nature—beware of rough terrain or dangerous animals.