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If you run into issues with your FieldKit Station, please reach out to us for support.

Visit our Help Center

If you have an issue or question, you might find an answer in our Help Center.

Submit a Support Ticket

The best way to get swift help regarding any issues with your FieldKit Station, the app, or the web portal is to submit a support ticket. You can do this from any page on our website by clicking on the blue Question Mark Icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen or via our support portal.


What information should I include?

The following information is invaluable for our support team to understand, assign and resolve the issue as quickly as possible:

1. Category

Are you asking a question or reporting a problem?

2. Name

Your name.

3. Email

Your email address.

4. Subject

A simple one-line description of the issue.

Example: Screen hangs on “Fetching Station information”

5. How Can we Help?

A more detailed explanation of the issue with steps for our team to follow in order to reproduce and solve the issue. Plus some technical details.

  • Steps to Reproduce
  • Platform (Are you on the mobile app? Or the web portal?)
  • URL or Page Name
  • App Version (In Settings > Help)
  • Browser/OS/device
  • Diagnostics (In Settings > Developer, hit “Upload Diagnostics” and paste the phrase into your ticket)


When on the FieldKit mobile app on the “Connect your FieldKit Station” page, the screen hangs on “Fetching Station information”.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open app
  2. Go through Onboarding steps to Connect your FieldKit Station” page
  3. Go to phone wifi settings and join Station WiFi
  4. Come back to app – Screen hangs on “Fetching Station information”
  5. After a while, get bored and close the app
  6. Open app again and go to Stations page, and the station is there and is connected

App Version: 561
Browser/OS/device: iphone 6s, ios 13.3.1
Diagnostics: motor bouquet debrief

6. Expected vs Actual Results

For us to see the issue from your perspective, it’s helpful to understand what you’re expecting to see, and how that differs from your actual experience.

Expected – The screen does not hang on “Fetching Station information”. It appears for a couple seconds, and then takes me to the Stations page where the station is listed and connected.

Actual – The screen hangs on “Fetching Station information” forever and I get stuck in the process, forcing me to close the app.

7. I am in the Field Right Now

Tick this checkbox to let us know if you are in the field and need urgent assistance!

8. Images / Annotated Screenshots

A picture speaks a thousand words, and an annotated picture is even better.


SD Logs

If you ever need to reach out for help with your FieldKit Station or its components, a FieldKit Team Member might ask you to send the logs from the station. This will only be possible if you have had a microSD card inserted in your station for at least as long as you’ve been experiencing difficulties. It may take longer for us to diagnose the issue without these logs, so please make sure you always have a microSD card inserted in the SD slot on your station.

How do I send logs?

1. Restart Station

Ensure a microSD card is in the station and restart your station, or turn the station on and restart. On the station: Go to Menu > Use the left and right buttons to scroll down to Tools > Use the middle button to select Tools > Scroll down to Restart > Select Restart > Select Yes to confirm restart.

2. Remove microSD Card

Once the station has restarted, remove the microSD card from the station and insert it into your computer or SD card reader. A new file window should open showing at least one folder with the name of your station, and a few other files.

3. Copy Files

Copy all files from the SD card to your computer and paste them into a single new folder. For clarity, please name the folder after your station.

4. Compress and Send

Compress the new folder to a .zip file, and send it to the FieldKit support team from an account that we can use to reach out to you if we have any questions. Be sure to include the station name in your email!