Sensor Specifications: Weather

Weather Pack

Sensor Overview

The Weather Pack is used to get back weather data in the form of barometric pressure, relative humidity, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and rain depth.

Facts and Technical Specifications

Mounting: Needs stable pole mount above ground.

Temperature -40.0 to 125.0 (±0.2) °C
Relative Humidity 0.0 to 100.0 (±2.0) %
Barometric Pressure 50.0 to 110.0 (±0.4) kPa (absolute)
Wind Speed 0 to (±0.33) m/sec
Wind Direction 0-360 (±11.25) °
Rain Depth Continuous sampling in units of 0.2794 mm
Interface RJ45 connector on CAT5 cable or equivalent
Calibration Period 1 year
Panel Footprint 1 PG-19 Cable Gland
Current Consumption 25 mA


Do not expose the weather sensors to temperatures below -40 °C, or above 100 °C. Do not expose the sensor board directly to water.

Safety Instructions

Use caution when installing the wind vane, cup anemometer and rain gauge, as they are on a metal mast, which may pose a risk of electric shock and lightning exposure. Please make certain that the mast is properly grounded, and is installed away from any power lines.

Design Files and Data Sheets

View the design files and data sheets for the Weather Pack.

Sensirion SHT31


Rain Sensor

Wind Direction Sensor

Wind Speed Sensor


Download the schematic files for the Weather Module Board and Sensor Board.

Board Dimensional Drawing

Download the board dimensional drawing for the Weather Sensor Board.