Sensor Specifications: Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen Pack

Sensor Overview

The Dissolved Oxygen Pack is used to get back dissolved oxygen (DO) data in the form of a voltage.

Facts and Technical Specifications

Mounting: Needs stable mount in water.
Maintenance: Do not allow DO probe to dry out. In outdoor conditions, make certain to clean off any biofouling on the probe on a weekly to monthly basis.

DO 0.01 to 100 (±0.05) mg/L
Probe Diameter 16.4 mm
Temperature Range 1-60 °C
Cable Length 2 m
Interface SMA connector on 50 Ω coaxial cable
Calibration Period 1 year
Panel Footprint 1 SMA connector
Current Consumption 16 mA


Do not expose the DO probe to temperatures below 0 °C, or above 100 °C. Do not get the SMA connector interior wet.

Safety Instructions

Be careful with the DO probe, as it is fragile and may break if dropped.

Design Files and Data Sheets

View the design files and data sheets for the Dissolved Oxygen Pack.

Atlas DO OEM

Sensorex DO Probe


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