Weather Pack

This includes the weather module board itself, along with its sensor board, wind vane, cup anemometer, rain gauge, and Stevenson screen.

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From blizzards to hurricanes* to a sunny spring afternoon, your weather station needs to be able to not only withstand weather events, but report back all of it! Our external weather sensor board and module board include high precision sensors like the Sensirion SHT31 and NXP MPL3115 with broad operating ranges, and a Stevenson screen designed to protect them from solar radiation and precipitation inundation. Combined with a rain gauge, wind vane, and cup anemometer, you get a complete weather station that gives you all the information you need to record a perfect snapshot of the meteorological events that your station’s weathering.

The weather module board interfaces with an external weather sensor board by way of a standard piece of ethernet cable. The sensor board contains sensors for temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. It also has jacks to interface with a rain gauge, wind vane, and anemometer to get a more complete picture of your current weather conditions.


  • Temperature [°C]
  • Relative humidity (RH) [%]
  • Barometric pressure [kPa]
  • Wind speed [m/sec]
  • Wind direction [°]
  • Rainfall [cm]

*Please make certain that your weather station will not blow away in hurricane force winds if you’re expecting them; We cannot guarantee the functionality of a free-flying FieldKit.

In order to get full functionality from your FieldKit, you’ll need to download the FieldKit app to your smartphone.

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Sensor Specifications

Read more about the sensors we use here:

Weight 64.58 oz
Shipping Dimensions 18 × 13.5 × 3.25 in