FieldKit Platform

FieldKit is More than Data Collection

We’ve built a free, open-source software platform with a smartphone app and a web portal that helps you configure your stations, and manage, visualize and share data.

  • Configure and Deploy Your Station

    Manage your stations and configure station settings through the app. Deploy your station and document the process with photos and field notes to ensure you’re collecting the best data.

    Configure and Deploy Your Station
  • Sync Station Data

    Download station data to your phone. Once you have the data on your phone, connect to the internet and upload it to the FieldKit web portal.

    Sync Station Data
  • Manage Your Stations, Projects and Teams

    Build projects and teams around your stations to understand and advocate for your environment together. Visualize your stations on a map, set your project goal and see what you discover.

  • Quickly and Easily Visualize Data

    Once your station is installed and your data is synced to both your FieldKit app and the FieldKit web portal, you can easily interact with your data.

  • Compare Data, Discover Patterns

    Data visualizations allow comparison between time periods on one sensor or between different sensors in the same time period. Identify patterns and glean insights.

  • Comment on Data

    Annotation features allow you to flag and share interesting ‘data views’ amongst your team or with the broader FieldKit community, offering data points or ranges.

    Comment on Data
  • Share your Findings with Anyone

    Share ‘data views’ with collaborators or on social media.

    Share Data
  • Export in Multiple Data Formats

    Data from any visualization can be exported in the following formats:

    • CSV
    • JSON Lines

    More data formats coming soon, including XML, Jupyter Notebook, PDF!

    Export Data

Develop Software for FieldKit

FieldKit is built on a framework that includes JavaScript, Vue, D3/SVG, Golang, NativeScript, Flutter, and Rust. We’re always releasing new features and looking for collaborators!

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