Sensor Specifications: Distance

Distance Pack

Sensor Overview

The Distance Pack is used to get back distance data in the form of a digital signal.

Facts and Technical Specifications

Mounting: Needs stable mounting above surface to be measured.
Maintenance: In outdoor conditions, make certain to check that the sensor is perpendicular to the surface to be measured on a regular basis.

Distance 300-5000 mm
Temperature Range -40 to 65 °C
Interface RJ45 connector on CAT5 cable or equivalent
Calibration Period 1 year
Panel Footprint 1 PG-19 Cable Gland
Current Consumption 50 mA


Do not get the RJ45 connector or the face of the sensor wet.

Safety Instructions

Be careful with the distance sensor, as its piezoelectric transducer is fragile and may break if dropped.

Design Files and Data Sheets

View the design files and data sheets for the Module Package.

Maxbotix MB7380 HRXL


Download the schematic for the Distance Module Board and Sensor Board.