pH Pack

This includes the pH module board along with the pH probe.

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Are my fish swimming in ammonia? How basic are the ashes from the recent wildfire making the stream that I’m interested in? Is my bog full of carnivorous plants ok?* All of these questions can be answered by measuring pH, a measure of how acidic or basic an aqueous solution is. You can use this to track pH in your environment wherever there’s a liquid to immerse the pH probe in.

The pH module board connects with a pH probe by way of a SMC connector. This pH probe is rated for full immersion up to the end of the cable, and can operate over a broad range of temperatures. pH calibration standard solutions not included.


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*Bogs are healthiest when they’re relatively acidic, which allows many carnivorous plants, like Venus Fly Traps, Honeydews, and others to live there.

In order to get full functionality from your FieldKit, you’ll need to download the FieldKit app to your smartphone.

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Sensor Specifications

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