FieldKit Weather

The FieldKit Weather measures wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Every FieldKit Weather station comes fully equipped with a Core Pack, Battery 6000mAh, Micro USB charging cable and FieldKit Case Pack, plus a Weather Pack that includes module and sensor boards, and instruments. Only the “Solar” option includes a Solar Panel 10W.

The Cable Plate Pack that we include in your shipment will depend on your intended power configuration, which you can select using the dropdown menu below. Each option – “Battery”, “Micro USB” and “Solar” – has a corresponding cable plate.

If you are planning on using multiple sensor and power configurations depending on when and how you are using your FieldKit, you might also need multiple Cable Plates so you can swap out and optimize for each configuration. To buy spare Cable Plate Packs, visit the Cable Plate page.

As always, if you’re not sure what to choose, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

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Our external weather sensor board and module board include high precision sensors like the Sensirion SHT31 and NXP MPL3115 with broad operating ranges, and a Stevenson screen designed to protect them from solar radiation and precipitation inundation*. Combined with a rain gauge, wind vane, and cup anemometer, you get a complete weather station that gives you all the information you need to record a perfect snapshot of the meteorological events that your station’s weathering.

The weather module board interfaces with an external weather sensor board by way of a standard piece of ethernet cable. The sensor board contains sensors for temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. It also has jacks to interface with a rain gauge, wind vane, and anemometer to get a more complete picture of your current weather conditions.


  • Temperature [°C]
  • Relative humidity (RH) [%]
  • Barometric pressure [kPa]
  • Wind speed [m/sec]
  • Wind direction [°]
  • Rainfall [cm]

MicroSD card not included.

*Stevenson screens are only designed to protect from precipitation that’s falling somewhere between sideways and down. If it’s raining up, please rotate your frame of reference.

In order to get full functionality from your FieldKit, you’ll need to download the FieldKit app to your smartphone.

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Sensor Specifications

Read more about the sensors we use here:

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Core Pack, Battery 6000mAh, Micro USB Cable (1M), Weather Pack, FieldKit Case Pack (includes Cable Plate Pack), Screws


Solar Panel 10W