Dissolved Oxygen Probe

This is a replacement for the dissolved oxygen probe for the Dissolved Oxygen Pack. It comes with a 2 m long coaxial cable, ending in a SMA connector.

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You roll up on a pond covered with garish green algae, and wonder if any animal could live in there. Instead of a lengthy fishing expedition and possibly dredging the pond*, you decide to measure the first parameter that can tell you how hospitable it would be to animal life: dissolved oxygen. This parameter implicitly tells you how much nutrient overloading (i.e. from fertilizer dissolved in runoff) a particular body of water is suffering from, and is critical for preserving good habitats for fish, macroscopic invertebrates, mollusks, etc.

The Dissolved Oxygen (DO) probe is a replacement for the one shipped with each Dissolved Oxygen Pack. Note: DO probe and module board must be re-calibrated when the probe is replaced.

*We do not condone the indiscriminate dredging of algae-choked ponds, nor the indiscriminate over-fertilizing of fields, yards, and golf courses.

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Weight 2.68 oz
Shipping Dimensions 8.25 × 2.25 × 2.25 in