Core Pack

The brains of the operation, this includes the upper and lower boards, along with the module base.

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All of the modules for a FieldKit unit can technically be used on their own if you know how to interface with them via I2C* or SPI. However, we make it much easier for you to get data from them by giving you the brain box: powered by an SAMD51P series 32-bit low-power microcontroller, this gives you the ability to store data locally on a microSD card (not included), or to send data back via either WiFi and/or LoRa.

The module base allows for up to four sensor module boards to be applied, and supplies power to them, as well as mechanically coupling them to the enclosure. This attaches to the lower board by way of a single connector, and the upper board connects to the lower via standard 0.1” headers.

*We use only the best in communications standards, which is why I2C is the default for our modules.

In order to get full functionality from your FieldKit, you’ll need to download the FieldKit app to your smartphone.

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Weight 3.91 oz
Shipping Dimensions 6 × 8 × 0.5 in
Module Board Positions