Conductivity Probe

This is a replacement for the 1 K electrical conductivity probe for the Conductivity Pack. It comes with a 2 m long coaxial cable, ending in a SMA connector.

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Without any salts, water is actually a very poor conductor of electricity. However, most of the salts that make water conductive are also nutrients and/or human-applied. If you want to measure these salts, then, what you need to do is measure the conductivity of the water you’re working with. While this module and probe won’t tell you whether you’re dealing with chloride*, nitrate, sulfate, phosphate, or other types of salts, it will tell you what their total population is in a number that’s linked to Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS.

The conductivity probe is a replacement for any other standard graphite conductivity probe for use with the Conductivity Pack. Note: conductivity probe and module board must be re-calibrated when the probe is replaced.

*McPhillips, L. E., & Walter, M. T. (2014). Road Salt Accumulation and Wash-out in Stormwater Detention Basins: Patterns and Implications for Biogeochemical Cycling. AGUFM, 2014, H11C-0889.

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