We are currently building up our inventory of FieldKit stations prior to re-opening the shop for pre-sales. We hope to re-open very soon!

In an effort to get FieldKit into as many hands as possible, we are launching limited run pre-sales where pre-orders are limited to 2 FieldKit products per order. While we appreciate that some of you may want more, please help us reach more people.

We are also staggering our pre-sales over 3 dates:

  • Pre-sale 1: Pre-sale 1 closed
  • Pre-sale 2: Release date pending
  • Pre-sale 3: Release date pending

For those looking to order 10 or more FieldKits, please reach out to our team at

When will I receive my FieldKit?

Pre-sale 1 orders have been closed. When the shop re-opens, it may take 3-4 weeks to get every order out of the door and shipped to you. Please bear with us as we become logistics experts!

Please note, we have experienced some supply chain issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we continue to work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we receive your orders as efficiently as possible. We’ll keep customers who pre-order products updated on shipping schedules. For more information, visit Shipping & Returns.