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The FieldKit team will be at the American Geophysical Union 2023 Fall Meeting from December 11-15, 2023 in San Francisco, CA, USA. Come by and see us at booth #1420 to check out our products and talk to the team—we’ll have our hardware, software, data interaction, and instrumentation experts on hand to answer any of your questions!

You’ll also have the opportunity to see and handle FieldKit stations, including our water chemistry modules, weather module, and distance module, plus the prototype FieldKit Underwater. For more information and specifications on each of these products, visit the following pages:

When we’re not at the booth, you can catch us presenting on a variety of topics and exploring the event. Please take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself!

Shah Selbe

Shah Selbe

Shah is the Founder and Managing Director of FieldKit. He leads our team and defines our development strategy. He will be presenting a poster during the MacGyver session about FieldKit Underwater, our latest development effort: a low-cost and open source alternative to existing sonde technology for underwater monitoring.

FieldKit Underwater: An Inexpensive, Open-Source Sonde Platform for Submerged Measurement Operations 

Catch Shah to talk about anything related to FieldKit, from partnering with us, potential projects, our long- and short-term development plans, and all things FieldKit.

Jer Thorp

Jer Thorp

Jer is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of FieldKit.  He will be giving an eLightning talk on Herald/Harbinger, a long-term public art project in Calgary which visualizes and sonifies live data from the Bow Glacier.

Herald/Harbinger: Environmental Sensing, Public Art & Permanence

eLightning Talk

Catch Jer to talk about all things data visualization and interaction, especially its impact on society and the public.

Jacob LewallenJacob Lewallen

Jacob is the Principal Engineer at FieldKit and heads our software and firmware development efforts. He will also be presenting a poster during the MacGyver Session about our in-app calibration system that allows you to calibrate a FieldKit wherever you might find yourself.

Caldor: The in-situ calibration system 

Catch Jacob to talk about FieldKit software, including the app and the web portal, station firmware, and our open source efforts.

Bradley GawthropBradley Gawthrop

Bradley is the Lead Hardware Engineer at FieldKit and heads up our (you guessed it) hardware efforts. He will be presenting a poster about the difficulties of developing a resilient and a accurate pH sensor for use in the field through the lens of the development of FieldKit’s own open source pH circuit.

All your base are belong to us: Creating a field-durable pH measurement circuit

Monday, 11 December


Catch Bradley to talk about FieldKit hardware, our manufacturing processes, and our open source efforts.

Pete MarchettoPete Marchetto

Pete is the Research Engineer and Instrumentation Scientist at FieldKit and works with our team to ensure all of our equipment meets rigorous scientific standards, as well as serving as one of our deployment experts. He will be presenting a poster during the MacGyver Session about FieldKit’s place as a low-cost and open source option in the greater landscape of dataloggers.

FieldKit in the Wild: Inexpensive, Open-Source Dataloggers for Field Measurement Operations

Pete is also a co-convener for the following session:

Union Session: Science for All—Infrastructures and Resources for Open Science

Catch Pete to talk about FieldKit’s efforts to ensure accuracy, general applications, field emplacement techniques, future tech development, and sensing system node density.

Lindsay StarkeLindsay Starke

Lindsay is the Community Manager for FieldKit and handles everything from customer interactions, community projects, and user experience research to translation efforts, technical documentation, and marketing. She will be staffing the FieldKit booth and available to chat all week.

Catch Lindsay to talk about potentially working with FieldKit, efforts to get FieldKit into communities, and our work to develop a supportive and robust environment for users, open source contributors, and more.


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